Count down to 55

A few weeks have gone by now since I started this blog, and I can honestly say that I have made little effort to lose weight. I cut out my weekly donut, then had one yesterday. It was not good, as I knew it wouldn’t be, so that is not an issue. My math skills have never been great and at first I was thinking I only needed to lose a lb per week it’s probably more like 2.5 per week. Mentally, that is a big difference. How am I going to do this? Prayer, cutting back. Only weighing once a month. I know once the initial loss starts I will be encouraged, so I can’t give up. I know it’s the right thing to do.

How to discipline myself to blog

I can see that the main problem in blogging will be setting aside time to do it. I was away for almost a week, and while I’d like to use that as an excuse, my iPad mini was with me the whole time. I really have a lot to say. I also feel a need to organize my thoughts but if I make it too much like work, I might not want to do it. Therefore I think I will stay with random inspirations. Since nobody else but me will be reading this for now, I won’t feel bad if some entries are short. I think for now just getting in the habit of writing is more important than the quantity of words. The other thing I’ve been doing to remind myself is to leave the website open where I can always see it. So until next time, adios amigos!

Meeting Miles

Today I got to meet my adopted grandson for the first time. He is 22 months old and loves his mama and daddy. He is cautious with his Grammy, however, and I have to be okay with that. I am hoping he will warm up to me in the next day or two. He is someone I definitely want to spend more time with, but we are separated by a 13 hour drive. My other two grandchildren live a 3 day drive away. This leaves me with a grandchild deficiency and I am always trying to play with other little kids to fill that hole. God must know what he is doing by keeping us so far apart, otherwise I would probably turn them in to idols. I don’t want to go as far as volunteer in the church nursery, but I may volunteer with the foster grandparent program next year when I turn 55. I think my lack of grand kids close by also opens up opportunities for me to mentor a young mom with a child, and I can see this happening. It really does take a village so I will try to do what I can where I can and spread the grandma love.

Six month notice and James 4:17

So today when I went to work I told my boss I was giving my 6 months notice. When I told her it was because I would be 55 and didn’t want to be lifting that much weight, she laughed. She did not take me seriously. I will work on that. It’s not ¬†what I want to be doing at this stage of my life. I want to be working at my workplace, but not so physically.

You may wonder what this has to do with James 4:17. Well, it is no longer my good. The scale has tipped to the bad of my body. I am confident God has something else in store and I have been in a “Desert” time. I hope you will hang with me as this plays out. And the 55 lbs.

55 by 55

That’s how many pounds I’d like to lose in the next 6 months. While I was unloading almost 2000 lbs of food today from the food bank, I realized I did not want to be doing this 6 months from now. My job is way too physical and frankly, I am afraid it is going to hurt my back or something. I don’t want to end up being someone that gets hurt on the job and then be miserable with chronic pain the rest of my life. I have my share already. So I will set forth on an adventure to define and hopefully create my perfect job where I am currently working, while losing 55 lbs by April 7, 2016.